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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Now offering Puffin cruises.  2-4 people only. $75 per person.  3 hours on the water.  I meet you at the ramp, we cruise the sound, out to the puffin island, looking at seals, porpises, and seabirds.  We circle the puffin island several times, making sure everyone gets the pictures they want.  You will get to see other seabirds as well.  Then we cruise back in by some great scenery taking pictures.  We take or time and enjoy the coast of Maine.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Illegal stocking
I am just back from up north.  Mine and Pams favorite camping site, which happens to be on a pond that has naturally occuring landlocked arctic charr.  The fishing has been great in the past with plenty of fish.  Well someone put smelt in the pond, and now the fishing is less then bad.  The smelt eat all the tout eggs.  Illegal stocking of fish in Maine is a real problem.  Muskie, pike, crappie none of these fish naturally occur in Maine.  People need to stop adjusting nature to their own wants.  I am truly disgusted and disappointed about 'my' pond.  IFW is doing what they can but the outlokk is bleak.
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