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Moose Hunt Maine

Here at Maine Seaduck Guide Service we are able to guide hunters on Maine moose hunts.  If you are one of the lucky few to have been drawn in the Maine moose permit lottery I would be happy to guide you on a Maine moose hunt.  Whether you want to still hunt, call, or simply ride the logging roads Maine Seaduck Guide Service can accommodate you.  We guide in several zones so please call ASAP for more information. 

WELCOME BACK JOSLINS  Matt Joslin of Des Moines was drawn in the Maine 2011 recreational moose hunt.  Matt got it done right.  Congratulations buddy.

836 lbs 49" wide
Maine Moose | Maine Sea Duck Hunting

Congratulations Steve Joslin your 2009 Maine Moose made Boone and Crockett!  185 3/8 not to shabby!

925lbs 58 2/8" spread 19 point Maine bull moose
Boone and Crockett | Maine Sea Duck Hunting
Scored Boone and Crockett
Bull Moose | Maine Sea Duck Hunting
850lbs Bull Maine Moose
Maine Moose
Hero Shot Moose | Maine Sea Duck Hunting
46inch Spread  | Maine Sea Duck Hunting
Steve Joslin of Des Moines with his 58 2/8 " 925#
Huge Bull | Maine Sea Duck Hunting
Broccoli cows
two cows from controlled hunt
Tom Huygens
Connie Shepstone
Moose | Maine Sea Duck Hunting
Young Maine moose in logging road

Maine Seaduck Guide Service

Maine moose hunters enjoy beautiful scenery, plenty of game, and camaraderie.  Moose meat is considered to be the best tasting of all North American game by many hunters.  Congratulations to my wife Pam, pictured above with her 2006 bull moose.  850lbs 19 points, 43" spread antlers.  Also pictured is my 2008 bull, 880lbs with 13 points,46" spread antlers plus a HUGE bull from the controlled hunt in Arooostook county.  925lbs 57" spread 24 point taken 9-11-09 by my friend Steve Joslin of Des Moines Iowa.  His bull was part of a trio the midwest crew took during the hunt.  2 cows were also taken.  Our latest Maine moose hunt saw the triumphant return of the Joslins of Des Moines Iowa.  Matt was drawn and took the 49" bull pictured above.  Quite the trophies on the wall and in the freezer.