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Special Birds

King eider Maine

This fully mature King Eider drake, taken in Maine, with Maine Seaduck Guide Service, 1-21-10. The holy grail of sea duck hunting.  Congrates Todd Jackson

Banded Dresseri

This Dresseri eider taken by Jeff Taylor in2006, was banded on Duck Island in Newfoundland by DU Canada.  Please click the picture for a link to DU Canada.

Banded Borealis

Another DU Canada banded eider.  This one however is a Borealis eider. The bird was banded near Cape Greep Labrador.  DU Canada has had 4 of these 'Chick' bands reported from Maine as of 4-21-08.  Maine Seaduck Guide Service has accounted for 2 of these bands!  Again please click the picture for DU Canada.


This is the Borealis eider pictured above.  Taxidermy by Art Fayta.

Surf Scoter with unusual white wings

This Surf Scoter with unusual white tipped wings was taken by Mike Stegmann in 2005.  Mike is an accomplished taxidermist and he mounted this bird for himself.

unusal eider v-chin

This dresseri eider was taken in 2008.  It is sporting a V on its chin like its cousin the pacific eider.  This bird was mounted by Mike Stegmann.


This is the Dresseri/V-nigra intergrade pictured above in a decoy pose.  Taxidermy by Mike Stegmann.


Mr Joe Ruggeri took this banded young drake eider on 12-17-08.  This bird was banded in Newfoundland and Labrador on 8-12-08.  This is a 'normal' band unlike the DUC chick bands pictured here as well.  Congratulations Joe!

Banded Maine Eider

Joe Berenato (Pepe') took this banded drake eider on 12-18-09.  This bird was banded in Maine on 8-27-03.  Joe Ruggeri brought Pepe' with him this year and shared his good luck with his friend.  Congratulations Pepe'

Banded Maine Eider

Early season hunting produced the first band of 2010-2011 season for Patrick.  Banded on 4-14-10 in Scarborough Maine by Lucas Savoy.

patrick double banded eider

December 18th produced a double banded eider for Patrick.  It also provided him with the knowledge he had better get to the skeet field soon, as he missed 3 decoying eider.  Quebec 2004

2012 St Paul Alaska
Success on the Bering sea

January 19th 2012 I connected on the Bering Sea.  Thank you Aleutian Island Outfitters!  Thank you to my boat mates Jerry Froelich and Joe Ruggeri.  Jerry had to lend me his shotgun due to mine breaking down.  I harvested a beautiful mate pair both adult birds.  I also collected a brace of Harlequin drakes.  Great trip anyone interested please call me.

Desperation Cove Harlequin
January 17th 2012 Freelancing